Everyone’s Monday was made better by 2 great appearances by Joe P. He first arrived to play a session in our Blue Moon Listener Lounge.

Joe P likes to record his music in his basement. He says so much gets lost in translation once so many managers and producers get involved, it sometimes loses the meaning of a song. He’ll record at home until the furnace comes on.

It sounds like Joe P is wearing many of the hats during recording and touring right now. He spoke of driving to the next show at 4 am, and eating chocolate chip cookies to stay awake. He likes driving in the day though and said the drive from Omaha to SLC is amazing.

For fun, Joe B and his bass player Tony are working on a horror movie. “If We Run,” will include an appearance by Michael Gandolfini. He was working on the score right before our session.

Joe’s Record Exchange appearance was well-received, people left wishing they could hear more.

Tim asked about Joe P’s sneakers. Joe mentioned he’d made a Sharpie stain on his jeans once while signing posters. He decided to ask people to continue writing on his jeans, then he decided it looked pretty cool. Once his jeans were full of names and drawings, people started writing on his shoes. He said it used to take a full tour, but now his shows get filled up after one show!

Find Joe P on social media under the handle “Joe B The Hyena.”


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