Orchestra Gold at Treefort Music Festival

Erich and Mariam made time to stop in to visit with us in the Blue Moon Listener Lounge. I was really excited hear some psychedelic music from Mali, and learn about their projects.

Miriam teaches online African dance classes. Learn more HERE.

Orchestra Gold would love to return, and bring some drumming and dance classes to Boise! We’re hoping we can help them make that happen.

It’s really fun that they encourage remixes and offer a membership to do that with. Info on The Vault, HERE.

Their full band has 7 members, and Erich mentioned he had an adrenaline crash after playing their show the night before. Their songs have so much energy!

Watch our full interview with song remixes below. We talk about music, cultural appropriation, Islam, and dancing. They were so kind and appreciative.


Japanese Breakfast at Treefort Music Fest

There were some great things happening at Storyfort, including a book reading and signing from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast.

A small crowd gathered on the lawn to hear her speak. She talked about her Korean-American heritage, and read a passage from her book, “Crying in H Mart.”

This NY Times bestseller is soon to be made into a movie by MGM Orion. What a year for Michelle! We were so lucky she was a part of Treefort Music Fest.

She is really excited about the recent music she contributed for the video game, “Sable.” She says this is one of her favorite songs she has ever written.

During the Q&A portion of her appearance at Storyfort, she joked about being older than she looks because she is Asian. She listed a few favorite food books, including one on gastronomical tours, books by author Anthony Bourdain, and “The Vegetarian,” by Han Kang.

Brooklyn Vegan posted some fashion photos, where Michelle is modeling for Tom Petty Official merchandise. Check it out HERE.

On the Main Stage with her band, Michelle often smiled and danced. She played a giant gong in the center of the stage. Earlier at Storyfort, she joked about their bass player leaving them to be in a more famous band. She said that band had fired him, and he was their bass player once again.

Sorry for the late-ish post, as we were waiting for photo approval. All photos by Rochelle Smith, and approved by Tenatoms Management.

We can’t wait for Japanese Breakfast to return!

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Smokey Brights at Treefort Music Fest

Day 2 of Treefort started with a lovely book reading/signing from Michelle Zauner at Storyfort. She spoke of her Korean heritage, and upcoming movie for her book “Crying in H Mart.” She has so may projects going on, including doing music for the video game “Sable,” which was just released today!

This husband and wife duo gave us a great daytime set at The Record Exchange. It has been so long since we’ve hand an in-store performance there, and so great to have this Seattle group be a part of Treefort Music Fest.

This is a new song that they will have out next month!

The Record Exchange is like family, it felt so good to see live music on their stage again. Much love to the new owners/employees who will keep their vision and culture alive in Boise!

You can catch Smokey Brights again at El Korah on Saturday, and The Hideout on Sunday. They are a great band I encourage you to check out! Learn more about them here.

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Lake Street Dive at Treefort


In the press room, I head people talking about Lake Street DRIVE, and Michael FranTAY. I loved that they were excited about their music, but the mispronunciations made me grin.

I started Day 1 of Treefort with Storyfort, and a workshop on Activism during Covid. There were some amazing stories of perseverance and privilege.

Most people were masked at the Main Stage Venue.

I saw a few other groups, but was really excited to see Lake Street DIVE. We’ve had them in studio before.

Rachel Price somehow only gets better. They played an amazing set at Treefort Main Stage, including extra songs at the end, and a couple of covers. Sorry for the lens flare, but their version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Nick of Tme” was SO good!

Today, Treefort brings us a book reading from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. They will be on the Main Stage tonight.

I caught mantis puppet/neighbor Bitsy dancing under the moonlight. Excuse the drunk people swearing behind me. I tried to stand in the right place, it looks like some sort of animation. LOVE the puppets from Colossal Collective! (NSFW)

Seattle band Smokey Brights today at 3pm.

Mary Lambert Interview and Session

There was so much to do in Boise last weekend! Art in the Park was happening in Julia Davis Park, and Boise Pride Festival was happening at Cecil D. Andrus and all over town! Mary Lambert was a performer on the main stage Saturday, and we scheduled a rare Sunday interview and performance with her at my work.

I thought it would be fun to do something different this time. I’d heard she used to be a bartender, and asked if she might make a cocktail for us. I didn’t realize she’d stopped drinking a couple of months ago, and she asked if she could make a Mocktail instead! I told her that sounded great, and started gathering supplies for her Spicy Basil Mojito. It was fun and hilarious, once Mary realized she was using the wrong end of the muddler! See for yourself in the video below.

Mary arrived with partner Wyatt from Massachusetts, who is also a non-drinker. Wyatt is a super-smart college professor, who was on Jeopardy last year. Mary tells us Wyatt’s scholarly background includes English, Grammar, Rhetoric, and Composition, and that they are both Bi-Polar. Wyatt credits this book and podcast in helping them make the changes away from alcohol, and being a choice that doesn’t mean having to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. To learn more about their journey away from alcohol, check out “The Naked Mind” podcast HERE.

While muddling the basil for the Mojito, Mary Lambert told us she was born with no sense of smell. It’s called “Anosmia.” She says, “These are just pretty little leaves.” She says she also can’t taste the difference between different kinds of soda. Mary mentioned that she had quit smoking 2 years ago, after smoking for 15 years.

Mary told us about various projects she’s involved in, including “The Manic Episodes” podcast with partner Wyatt. It is both serious and fun. Find it HERE.

During the winter, Mary had fun voicing a character for “Arlo the Alligator Boy.” This is an animated musical and series you can find on Netflix. It’s really fun to watch her character Bertie, and I love this song she did for the show!

She is also doing a bit of life coaching/teaching in her Everybody Is a Babe workshop. She explores body positive ideas, self esteem, sharing feelings, and even some dancing. You can do Zoom meeting either live, or when you have time. There is a live Friday dance Zoom. The workshops are 4 weeks long, and the next one starts October 4th. Sign up HERE!

It was great spending Sunday morning with Mary Lambert. She is brilliant, and full of smiles. My friend Jenn Snyder loaned her fancy keyboard, and my friend Theresa Palmgren offered to film. When our visit was done, Mary mentioned she was off to see her Grandma, who lives in Nampa. She says she is the 5th “Mary” in her family, and they all like to sing. Mary’s Grandma went to Boise Pride to watch her perform! Mary said they would likely sing lots of church hymns and rounds when she went to visit.

I was grateful for Mary’s visit, and it’s so refreshing to have a guest so genuine, hilarious, and easy to connect with. She gets real, talking about emotional healing, and super fired-up talking about Texas! It was such a fun experience, and we can’t wait to have her back. Maybe when she’s done writing her book, we can talk about it.

To hear the full podcast including her views on Texas, find my podcast “She Likes To Go SlowHERE.

Here, you’ll find the full interview/music performance remixes on YouTube.

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I’ll leave you with this treasure I found. Love these adorable nerds!

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