First things first, countless times I’ve heard people tell their friends about this artist. They say, “You’ve gotta check out this AILEN Jewell.” Or heard during Treefort, “EILEEN Jewell has a great new album!” She would likely never correct you herself, but just so we’re all on the same page, it’s pronounced “EE-len.” Rhymes with “how ya feelin’?”

Eilen kindly accepted an invitation for an interview and session during our noon hour. You’ll want to catch the show this Sunday Night, Charlie Sutton is the opening act for this show at The Olympic Venue on Main Street. This is the bar just above Mulligan’s.

We had a great visit, and she did a couple of songs for us. This is “Rich Man’s World.”

Boise is spoiled to have artists like Eilen play in town, between spots on the world tour they are planning. She’s playing Portland and Seattle this weekend before returning for the Boise show.

During our chat, Eilen said she really likes Ray LaMontagne for modern music, and Lana Del Rey. She says friends tease her for being late to the party. I asked her if there was a location in her history of touring that pleasantly surprised her. She said it was Sweden, because it is beautiful and spread out like Idaho.

Here’s one of the songs from her latest album, “Gypsy.”

If you need a comfort song, close your eyes and listen to this. I asked for a holiday song we could share next month. We will have enough now that we can do an “Eilen Christmas” Lunch in the Library! This is a beautiful classic song covered by many, including Roy Orbison. It was written by Willie Nelson.

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The Hu session remixes and film updates

Sometimes I forget that I get to do cool things. If I had to pick some of the coolest things from 2021, this is top 5. I mix all the sessions for 2 of our stations 94.9 The River and 100.3 The X. The X hadn’t had a session in 2 years because of Covid. I was so excited to hear that we were getting a session with the Mongolian Throat singers, “The Hu!”

I want you to know how magical it is to do remixes. With a session like this, I mix it live and then I go home and remix by isolating the tracks and putting certain EQ and effects on each channel and making them stereo, and then sync them to video. Hearing individual channels brings out all of the harmonics and crazy throat singing this band is doing, the full session doesn’t really do it justice. Many sounds are coming from each vocalist, it is very goosebump-worthy. On this next song about one minute in, they make their cellos sound like horses!

The Hu made my year, what a great session. They used a translator for the interview, and were all very kind. The instruments were all pieces of art, the cellos had horses heads on them and it was all unlike anything we’d ever seen. The mouth harp player sometimes played flute with his teeth more than his mouth. I could have listened to them all day.


There’s a yearly film competition for My Rode Reel. I will forever swear by Rode microphones for anything to do with film. Many of their mics have a 10 year warranty. Anyway, they do a yearly 3 minute short film fest. My entry this year is based on my last 2 interviews at work. This time I excluded my questions, which were fairly controversial. This film only shows the answers. It’s called “What Was the Question?” Feel free to vote if you want to. Features the amazing Mary Lambert who was here for Boise Pride, and also Orchestra Gold from Mali, Africa, who played at Treefort Music Fest. At the end of the Orchestra Gold question, I needed time to try not to cry. Both of these interviews were on the weekend with no staff or audience, so I felt a little more safe to ask non-traditional questions. One of my favorite things is to ask musicians about non-musical things.

My Rode Reel - "What Was the Question?" (Rochelle Smith)

Please watch and vote HERE!

“Violin Scratches” is in yet another film fest after 2 years on the film circuit. It will be at India’s “We Care” disability film festival. I am so excited to see this film there, as Gaelynn Lea continues to rock the world AND BROADWAY and is currently making music for MacBeth! Nothing from this amazing woman surprises me anymore! I was so lucky to interview her at Treefort and make this film.


Locally, I’m really honored to be a part of Colossal Film Fest in Boise November 7th.

Colossal Logo_cutout.png

I LOVE this local film fest! They have been so supportive to include me in their local all-star cast of filmmakers. My stuff is usually pretty low-budget, and this movie “Firedance,” was literally recorded mostly inside of my VW van when people were most afraid of Covid. I love poi and fire poi. The biggest thing I got our of this evening was that I had watched a breathtaking fire performance from one of the artists. I asked if I could list her name. What I had just watched was amazing. She said, “probably not, because my parents had expected so much more from me.” Yet, what I’d seen was unbelievable. Please buy tickets to Colossal Cinematic Showcase HERE. It’s really fun and supportive of local short film folk. You can get a red carpet photo, grab some popcorn, then meet at Mad Swede for beers!

The featured filmmakers of the November 7, 2021 Colossal Cinematic Showcase are:

Steven Zunich- “Unter”

Rochelle Smith- “Firedance”

Heather Horner- “Affective”

Elizabeth Findley- “The Task of Reconstruction”

Hutt Wigley- “Max Helm: Curse of the Relic”

Timothy David Orme- “Grip”

Cary Judd-  “Give Me”

Tom Sanford- “Going Back”

Brandon Freeman and Christina Lane Hawkins- “El Matamoscas”

Andrew Ellis- “Mentor the Drone”

Nichole Stull and Brian Morgan- “Girl From the South”

Jordan Gore-“Lethal Jack”

Film Updates

The success of my short film “Pink Feather,” has been amazing. It has won several awards, and been accepted in festivals worldwide. Any time I get any amount of extra money, I enter into another festival. This film’s message is one I’d like to see spread far and wide. Festivals can cost between $20 and $60 to enter, and only some of them will choose your film. If you’re reading and would like to help, please venmo @roxxboise. Every penny goes into film festival entry fees!

A recent acceptance includes a festival in Singapore, they are waiting to send official announcement news.

This movie was filmed mostly at “Somewhere” bar in Garden City, formerly The Ranch Club. The owners were gracious to give us early entry, and we were lucky to film before the old signage had come down. This building is rumored to have some huge Idaho history, having been a brothel and gambling house at one point in possibly Homedale. Gambling was legal there, but when it was outlawed, people took this building apart piece by piece and moved it to Garden City, where gambling was legal there a few more years. Some filming happened on Chinden, where just down the road Roger Miller wrote a song about a sign he saw : “Trailers for sale or rent. Rooms to let 50 cents.”

The Ranch Club also makes an appearance in Clint Eastwood’s film, “Bronco Billy.” This corner of Orchard/Chinden is still a mix of old and new traffic, with both new cars and horse trailers driving by. The name is different, but the pony remains.

These historical connections, and the message of acceptance, helped the Idaho Film Commission to sponsor a small grant for my film. The best part is that “Pink Feather” will also be archived into the BSU’s Albertsons Library for future generations to see!

The movie setting is 80’s-meets-now, where some redneck ranchers are in town for a cattle convention and look for a drink when the day is done. They wander into a bar that is LGBTQ+, adventures, disagreements, and finally acceptance all take place. This movie had been a thought in my brain for months. Once I finished the screenplay, I invited friends to help, and recruited friends that are new to me to help with this no-budget passion project. The support has been incredible. I love using real people vs actors. I let people play with their lines, and everyone offered up great ideas on set. Even though many of our actors are drag performers who had very late shows the night before, (Karma Rose, Coco Freeo, Maliha Gemini, Sid D’Licious, Mikey Likesit), everyone arrived early on Sunday mornings to film before the bar opened. My friend Jeff agreed to take an extremely challenging acting part. He has been in 2 of my western movies for 13 Stories, “Revolve” and “House of Helen.” I’d met Theresa Palmgren at a LezBe Kings drag performance shoot at the old prison and asked if she’d help me with this film idea. I have lots of ideas and no professional camera or new computer. She agreed and got some amazing shots. Editor Lynzsea Sky Williams made all the magic happen, hire this genius from Orphan Hilll Studios. Behind the scenes, friends helped with release forms, snacks, lighting, slate, sound, and photos. I am so proud of this cast and crew, my largest short film endeavor to date.

Boise State University will be showing “Pink Feather” for free, this Monday, October 11th. Please join us upstairs in the SUB, in The Berquist room at 6pm. We’ll have snacks, show the film, and then have a panel with myself and 3 of the actors for a Q&A afterwards. This is the film’s 4th showing in Boise. Please come and support local actors and film!


I’ve entered a short film into a yearly competition, “My Rode Reel.” I have entered every year for several years. If you talk to me at all about gear, I will tell you how Rode microphones are my mic of choice for film. Their warranties are unmatched, often coming with an up to 10 year guarantee. I’ve had them happily repair an 8 year old mic without cost. This film competition is open to worldwide entries, films must be under 3 minutes long.

My film is called, “What Was the Question?” With permission from a couple of recent band interviews I did, I made a film of 2 very passionate answers.The film features singer/songwriter Mary Lambert, and the group Orchestra Gold from Mali, Africa.

HERE is the link to watch the film, and please vote if you like it!

Orchestra Gold at Treefort Music Festival

Erich and Mariam made time to stop in to visit with us in the Blue Moon Listener Lounge. I was really excited hear some psychedelic music from Mali, and learn about their projects.

Miriam teaches online African dance classes. Learn more HERE.

Orchestra Gold would love to return, and bring some drumming and dance classes to Boise! We’re hoping we can help them make that happen.

It’s really fun that they encourage remixes and offer a membership to do that with. Info on The Vault, HERE.

Their full band has 7 members, and Erich mentioned he had an adrenaline crash after playing their show the night before. Their songs have so much energy!

Watch our full interview with song remixes below. We talk about music, cultural appropriation, Islam, and dancing. They were so kind and appreciative.

Japanese Breakfast at Treefort Music Fest

There were some great things happening at Storyfort, including a book reading and signing from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast.

A small crowd gathered on the lawn to hear her speak. She talked about her Korean-American heritage, and read a passage from her book, “Crying in H Mart.”

This NY Times bestseller is soon to be made into a movie by MGM Orion. What a year for Michelle! We were so lucky she was a part of Treefort Music Fest.

She is really excited about the recent music she contributed for the video game, “Sable.” She says this is one of her favorite songs she has ever written.

During the Q&A portion of her appearance at Storyfort, she joked about being older than she looks because she is Asian. She listed a few favorite food books, including one on gastronomical tours, books by author Anthony Bourdain, and “The Vegetarian,” by Han Kang.

Brooklyn Vegan posted some fashion photos, where Michelle is modeling for Tom Petty Official merchandise. Check it out HERE.

On the Main Stage with her band, Michelle often smiled and danced. She played a giant gong in the center of the stage. Earlier at Storyfort, she joked about their bass player leaving them to be in a more famous band. She said that band had fired him, and he was their bass player once again.

Sorry for the late-ish post, as we were waiting for photo approval. All photos by Rochelle Smith, and approved by Tenatoms Management.

We can’t wait for Japanese Breakfast to return!

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Smokey Brights at Treefort Music Fest

Day 2 of Treefort started with a lovely book reading/signing from Michelle Zauner at Storyfort. She spoke of her Korean heritage, and upcoming movie for her book “Crying in H Mart.” She has so may projects going on, including doing music for the video game “Sable,” which was just released today!

This husband and wife duo gave us a great daytime set at The Record Exchange. It has been so long since we’ve hand an in-store performance there, and so great to have this Seattle group be a part of Treefort Music Fest.

This is a new song that they will have out next month!

The Record Exchange is like family, it felt so good to see live music on their stage again. Much love to the new owners/employees who will keep their vision and culture alive in Boise!

You can catch Smokey Brights again at El Korah on Saturday, and The Hideout on Sunday. They are a great band I encourage you to check out! Learn more about them here.

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Lake Street Dive at Treefort


In the press room, I head people talking about Lake Street DRIVE, and Michael FranTAY. I loved that they were excited about their music, but the mispronunciations made me grin.

I started Day 1 of Treefort with Storyfort, and a workshop on Activism during Covid. There were some amazing stories of perseverance and privilege.

Most people were masked at the Main Stage Venue.

I saw a few other groups, but was really excited to see Lake Street DIVE. We’ve had them in studio before.

Rachel Price somehow only gets better. They played an amazing set at Treefort Main Stage, including extra songs at the end, and a couple of covers. Sorry for the lens flare, but their version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Nick of Tme” was SO good!

Today, Treefort brings us a book reading from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. They will be on the Main Stage tonight.

I caught mantis puppet/neighbor Bitsy dancing under the moonlight. Excuse the drunk people swearing behind me. I tried to stand in the right place, it looks like some sort of animation. LOVE the puppets from Colossal Collective! (NSFW)

Seattle band Smokey Brights today at 3pm.

Mary Lambert Interview and Session

There was so much to do in Boise last weekend! Art in the Park was happening in Julia Davis Park, and Boise Pride Festival was happening at Cecil D. Andrus and all over town! Mary Lambert was a performer on the main stage Saturday, and we scheduled a rare Sunday interview and performance with her at my work.

I thought it would be fun to do something different this time. I’d heard she used to be a bartender, and asked if she might make a cocktail for us. I didn’t realize she’d stopped drinking a couple of months ago, and she asked if she could make a Mocktail instead! I told her that sounded great, and started gathering supplies for her Spicy Basil Mojito. It was fun and hilarious, once Mary realized she was using the wrong end of the muddler! See for yourself in the video below.

Mary arrived with partner Wyatt from Massachusetts, who is also a non-drinker. Wyatt is a super-smart college professor, who was on Jeopardy last year. Mary tells us Wyatt’s scholarly background includes English, Grammar, Rhetoric, and Composition, and that they are both Bi-Polar. Wyatt credits this book and podcast in helping them make the changes away from alcohol, and being a choice that doesn’t mean having to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. To learn more about their journey away from alcohol, check out “The Naked Mind” podcast HERE.

While muddling the basil for the Mojito, Mary Lambert told us she was born with no sense of smell. It’s called “Anosmia.” She says, “These are just pretty little leaves.” She says she also can’t taste the difference between different kinds of soda. Mary mentioned that she had quit smoking 2 years ago, after smoking for 15 years.

Mary told us about various projects she’s involved in, including “The Manic Episodes” podcast with partner Wyatt. It is both serious and fun. Find it HERE.

During the winter, Mary had fun voicing a character for “Arlo the Alligator Boy.” This is an animated musical and series you can find on Netflix. It’s really fun to watch her character Bertie, and I love this song she did for the show!

She is also doing a bit of life coaching/teaching in her Everybody Is a Babe workshop. She explores body positive ideas, self esteem, sharing feelings, and even some dancing. You can do Zoom meeting either live, or when you have time. There is a live Friday dance Zoom. The workshops are 4 weeks long, and the next one starts October 4th. Sign up HERE!

It was great spending Sunday morning with Mary Lambert. She is brilliant, and full of smiles. My friend Jenn Snyder loaned her fancy keyboard, and my friend Theresa Palmgren offered to film. When our visit was done, Mary mentioned she was off to see her Grandma, who lives in Nampa. She says she is the 5th “Mary” in her family, and they all like to sing. Mary’s Grandma went to Boise Pride to watch her perform! Mary said they would likely sing lots of church hymns and rounds when she went to visit.

I was grateful for Mary’s visit, and it’s so refreshing to have a guest so genuine, hilarious, and easy to connect with. She gets real, talking about emotional healing, and super fired-up talking about Texas! It was such a fun experience, and we can’t wait to have her back. Maybe when she’s done writing her book, we can talk about it.

To hear the full podcast including her views on Texas, find my podcast “She Likes To Go SlowHERE.

Here, you’ll find the full interview/music performance remixes on YouTube.

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I’ll leave you with this treasure I found. Love these adorable nerds!

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Live Music Schedule

Recent feature on KTVB Channel 7

My friends Jenn Snyder and Meghan Watters recently played a benefit concert for a friend who had unexpectedly lost her brother. The concert helped with funeral and medical expenses. KTVB was there doing a story on the importance of music.

Here are some future upcoming shows, including a couple of rare solo shows!


(I’m so lucky to play Art in the Park twice! I’ll be joining Jenn Snyder 3:30-4:30 9/11, then stay on stage to join my friends Blaze and Kelly at 5 pm.)

Sat Sep 11 2021

Art in the Park
Boise, ID
Age Limit: All Ages   Tickets: FREE
Details: Jenn Snyder and Rochelle Smith playing Art in the Park, 3:30-4:30 pm!

Sat Sep 11 2021

Art in the Park
Boise, ID
Age Limit: All Ages   Tickets: FREE
Details: Blaze and Kelly with Meghan Watters and Rochelle Smith, 5-6 pm!

Wed Sep 15 2021

Lucky Fins Seafood Grill -…
Boise, ID
Age Limit: All Ages   Tickets: FREE
Details: Elizabeth Findley and Rochelle Smith live at Lucky Fins Boise, 6-9 pm!

Fri Oct 1 2021

Boise Consumer Co-Op
Boise, ID
Age Limit: All Ages   Tickets: FREE
Details: Celebrate FIRST FRIDAY with great deals, and live music from Rochelle Smith 4:30-7:30 pm!

13 Stories-Revolve

The Old Idaho Penitentiary has a film fest on stories of their past prisoners. It’s called “13 Stories.” Right now I’m working on “House of Helen,” about bordello owner Helen Hall.

The fun fact about this film is that it ties in with my last film, “Revolve.” Both of these movies feature some very good friends of mine, including Jenn Snyder, Jamie Borge, and Jeff Schoedler.

Feel free to catch up on the story by watching my short film “Revolve,” on the Amazon Link HERE.

Eilen Jewell

It had been well over a year since our last session. We all laughed as we were beginners again at everything. What side of the TV does the USB plug into? Did someone ask Eric for a graphic? Where's Tim's music stand? There were 2 times that I pretty much closed my eyes and pushed a button on the mixer to get where I needed to go. We could go live on Facebook, but with no audio. We were all very rusty, but couldn't ask for a better person to start our year of sessions.

Our winners were so excited to get together and have amazing lunch from Piehole Pizza! They gave us a great vegan pizza and 3 others, I was so excited to see my favorite potato bacon.

As we got ready to go live, Eilen mentioned that it was "great to live life again."

During Covid, Eilen said she did a little writing, but no full songs yet. She is just happy to have a healthy family. Before the session, she mentioned being nervous as daughter Mavis is off to her first summer camp!

Eilen spoke of the loss of a great Idaho songwriter, Pinto Bennett. I used to watch him play when Lock, Stock, and Barrel was on Emerald. Eilen and Jason had produced Pinto's last album, "The Last Saturday Night." When asked about the loss of Pinto, Eilen said, "The world just got a little less interesting."

When the session was done, listeners mingled ate pizza, shared hugs and stuck around. Our friend Carrie noted that people never stuck around as they have to get back to work. Eilen said, "There was a time when I thought this would never happen." We couldn't agree more, and no one knows if we're past this or just between quarantines. We hope you can hear some great outdoor music this summer, including weekend shows with Eilen at Kin.

Have questions or comments? Email me.

Pink Feather Film debuts

A couple of months ago we did a thing. Several friends old and new, gathered to help my screenplay come to life!

Most of my films have been documentaries with few people involved. As time goes on, I’m trying to grow my film game. Pink Feather involved new equipment, lights, and nearly 16 people in actors and crew. We are all learning as we go. I was blessed with professional video and editing techs, a friend to do sound so I could direct, even people helping with makeup. A few friends and I spent hours adding the finishing touches of local music.

In the last week, Pink Feather has been shown to over 200 people, at some huge fundraising events. It was great to have most of the cast see their hard work, and especially to see the crowd reactions and see what parts they thought were funny.

It was such an honor to have the support of Idaho Film Commission in sponsoring part of our sound costs. It was, however, a small portion of budget on this important film. I’m really hoping to get this message out into the world by entering several film festivals. Those costs can be $20-$90 per festival, with no guarantee of acceptance.

I’m working on a couple of other possible Boise showings. People have asked how they can help. Covid shutdowns cut about 1/3 of my income, then I had to go and break my shoulder. There are many creative ideas in my head, but I need some things to make them all happen.

If you feel like donating to my film projects, my Venmo information is below. Funds will be used for film festival submissions, education, and small equipment purchases. These are all passion projects, and please know that your donations are incredibly appreciated! Thank you so much to those who have already supported my dreams.

Violin Scratches featured in Agenda Magazine

2 big things happened today. First, “Violin Scratches” was accepted into its second film festival in India.

Cd sticker

This New Delhi festival is the first that I paid to have pro subtitles added to the film, and the first ever disability festival it has been accepted to. I am SO excited for it to finally have this exposure, as Gaelynn has been so dedicated to her disability survey and upcoming book. It is so exciting to at least imagine this film showing around the world. I wish I could see it in person.

Part deux.

I was out tonight with friends, and got a notice that “my article” was ready. I answered some questions about a month ago and figured nothing had become of it.

AGENDA Fashion and Lifestyle magazine printed my entire interview! Please take time to read it HERE. I am so honored and grateful.

The “Pink Feather” film, which is my baby, is in post-production. I hope to have it out to festivals in a few weeks. After that will be another local western film featuring a female prisoner from the Old Idaho State Penitentiary. “House of Helen” features a brothel owner who was imprisoned for serving a minor.

After that, I am circling back around to documentaries. Hope to have a couple of surprises by the end of the year! Thanks for following along.

Shankar Vedantam Interview

This scientist and author has been writing and podcasting about “The Hidden Brain,” for years. Shankar Vedantam’s new book is called, “Useful Delusions.” Learn about the power of both positive and negative thinking, in this intriguing interview that is well worth your time.

LP Interview

I’m going to start backing up a few work blogs on this site. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with our friend and amazing talent, LP.

If you’re not familiar with LP, look into this brilliant person’s success. LP has written songs for Cher, Rhianna, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and many other’s. If you get to see a live LP concert, you will witness a charisma like you’ve never seen. With global fans, LP sells out shows worldwide. At Bumbershoot, I watched fans throw ukuleles onto the stage.

We have been lucky to have LP in our Blue Moon Listener Lounge in the past. With a voice like a songbird, LP quickly had us all captivated.

It was so nice to catch up again with this Zoom interview. Within this, you’ll hear a brand new track.  You will get to meet  Orson, the dog, and you’ll hear discussions on gender identity, and the upcoming new album.  I love the realness of LP. Sometimes the discussion is flirty, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always genuine. Note to folks viewing at work, this is UNCENSORED and full of colorful swears. Hope you enjoy it! ~ Rochelle

Have questions or comments? Email me.

“Violin Scratches” wins Artemis Films Award!

The Artemis “Women In Action” Film Festival is one of the coolest festivals I’ve been involved in. The organizers and curators are extremely passionate about promoting women creators. This award is tremendous incentive to do more films in this direction. Someday I would love to attend this Santa Monica festival in person. Thank you Gaelynn Lea for this great interview during Treefort Music Fest. Get your passes now for the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival!

Artemis “Women In Action” Film Festival

Update : I’m so grateful that “Violin Scratches” was chosen as a documentary winner in this festival!

This is the 6th year for this unique and wonderful film festival from Santa Monica, California.This 2021 virtual festival has a focus on female creators, filmmakers and heroes.

For less than $30, you can enjoy over 35 hours of contest. Where else can you support female-driven films for just over $1 an hour?

It’s such an honor that my film “Violin Scratches,” featuring Gaelynn Lea, is featured in this festival. This short has won some awards, is touring the film circuit, and has been shown in Idaho, California, Oregon, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and India.

Gaelynn is a true hero! She is still working on her upcoming book. Please help show your support her through her Patreon page, and check out her weekly Sunday Sessions on Facebook!

I hope you will consider checking out the Artemis “Women in Action” Film Festival! Learn more, and purchase your pass at this website.



BOISE, IDAHO — April 8, 2021 — Treefort Music Fest has announced its return to downtown Boise, Idaho — and it’s
coming back with a double whammy.

Treefort Music Fest postponed its ninth annual festival back in March 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today,
the festival announced its big comeback with Treefort 9 set for September 22-26, 2021 in multiple venues throughout
downtown Boise. Treefort is typically held in March and the festival plans to return to its spring schedule. The five-day
emerging arts fest plans to hold the 10th edition of Treefort Music Fest on March 23-27, 2022 — just six months after
Treefort 9 in September 2021.

Fans of Treefort Music Fest can expect a few changes at the 2021 festival, though many Treefort favorites will
remain. Treefort will announce a resurrected Treefort 9 lineup later this month. The forts of the fest will also return,
though many will look and operate a little differently this year than in the past.

Health & Safety
Safety is always a top priority for Treefort Music Fest. Treefort is continuing to work closely with local and state health
officials to determine health and safety measures for the upcoming festival. The festival is making plans A, B, D, C,
and even F for a safe community-run festival in September. Treefort will make announcements in the coming months
regarding what to expect at Treefort 9.

Festival Passes
In order to abide by possible capacity limitations, a limited number of five-day passes will be available for Treefort 9.
General admission, ZIPLINE, and U21 tickets will go on sale with the lineup announcement later this month. Kids age
12 and under are free, accompanied by an adult passholder. At this time, there will be no single-day, single-venue, or
single-show tickets available for Treefort 9. Treefort ticket information can be found at treefortmusicfest.com/tickets.
Owners-Only Passes
More than 900 fans are now part-owners of Treefort Music Fest. Last summer, Treefort launched a crowdfunding
campaign via WeFunder to help the fest survive the months of uncertainty ahead. More than 900 fans contributed
nearly $350,000, which went directly to making the festival happen this year. Treefort Music Fest is forever grateful for
the support and proud to be the first fan-owned and operated music festival. One perk of becoming a Community
Owner is early access to festival passes, which are on sale now.

Below is the Treefort Timeline*, in light of COVID-19 things are subject to change:

April 8, 2021: Treefort 9 Community Owner early access on sale (formerly known as Early Bird)
April 22, 2021: Treefort 9 band lineup resurrection and GA tickets on-sale (limited number of GA tickets at $250,
ZIPLINE at $420 and U21 at $150)
Mid-June 2021: Treefort 9 fort lineup resurrection + more band additions
Late-June 2021: Additional tickets to Treefort 9 *may* become available, as things shake out
July 2021: Treefort 9 schedule released
September 22-26, 2021: Treefort 9 (finally!)
October 1, 2021: Treefort 10 Community Owner early access on sale (formerly known as Early Bird)
October 15, 2021: Treefort 10 GA Discovery tickets on sale
November 2021: Treefort 10 first artist announcement, GA tickets on sale
December 2021: Treefort 10 second artist announcement
January 2022: Treefort 10 final lineup revealed
February 2022: Treefort 10 schedule released
March 23-27, 2022: Treefort 10 (it’s gonna be a doozy!)

*timeline is subject to change
Stay in the loop at treefortmusicfest.com