It was an honor to do a 3rd film for i48/Old Idaho Penitentiary film fest, 13 Stories. I needed a distraction from dealing with some health stuff. We did filming in early summer, with a small crew and cast. Once we started filming, we lost 3 of our small group due to Covid exposure. New challenges included working with a very independent pony, and learning that there is absolutely nothing you can do to correct “lens breathing.” Jenn Snyder stars in this short, along with Jeff Schoedler. All original music is the feature of “Ida Unbridled.” Ida was a wayward young girl, who found love in all of the wrong places. This film is showing starting tonight through Saturday, at Old Idaho Penitentiary. Get tickets HERE!


It was such an honor to do an interview with our local media this month, in regards to Pink Feather. It was a chance to talk about the importance of community. Much gratitude to Brenda Rodriguez, Theresa Palmgren, and KTVB Channel 7 for giving this some air time. Catch the interview and article HERE.

This movie is a fictional historical comedy piece about The Ranch Club in its transition to a gay bar in Garden City. The Idaho Film Collection helped support the film, and it will be archived forever at BSU’s Albertson’s Library. At this time, their website features several behind-the-scenes shots of our cast and crew of Pink Feather. This grant was such a good inspiration to do more movies, especially ones that touch on Idaho History.

My films so far have all been passion projects. I’ve spend twice the amount of grant money in entering film festivals around the world, as I feel that inclusion is a very important message to share worldwide.

The timing of this interview is great, as Pink Feather will be part of Colossal Cinematic Showcase, showing at Overland Park Cinemas October 2nd. This will be a great 2 hours of short films, followed by an after-party at Mad Swede.


I wanted to speak more with Theresa Caputo, and get an interview with better audio than our last attempt. She was so kind to speak with me again.

Theresa Caputo has a Boise appearance at Morrison Center October 5th. If you are going through any kind of grieving over lost ones, pets, or want to know how to tune into your own abilities, please make plans to attend. In speaking with Theresa, I can tell you she is a light a brilliance that we all need in our lives right now.

Please check out the latest Theresa Caputo episode uploaded to my podcast, “She Likes To Go Slow.” My slogan is “Slow Down and Listen.” Many episodes are recorded in my classic VW van that doesn’t know how to go fast. Sometimes slowing down is a good thing.

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