Lake Street Dive at Treefort


In the press room, I head people talking about Lake Street DRIVE, and Michael FranTAY. I loved that they were excited about their music, but the mispronunciations made me grin.

I started Day 1 of Treefort with Storyfort, and a workshop on Activism during Covid. There were some amazing stories of perseverance and privilege.

Most people were masked at the Main Stage Venue.

I saw a few other groups, but was really excited to see Lake Street DIVE. We’ve had them in studio before.

Rachel Price somehow only gets better. They played an amazing set at Treefort Main Stage, including extra songs at the end, and a couple of covers. Sorry for the lens flare, but their version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Nick of Tme” was SO good!

Today, Treefort brings us a book reading from Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. They will be on the Main Stage tonight.

I caught mantis puppet/neighbor Bitsy dancing under the moonlight. Excuse the drunk people swearing behind me. I tried to stand in the right place, it looks like some sort of animation. LOVE the puppets from Colossal Collective! (NSFW)

Seattle band Smokey Brights today at 3pm.




BOISE, IDAHO — April 8, 2021 — Treefort Music Fest has announced its return to downtown Boise, Idaho — and it’s
coming back with a double whammy.

Treefort Music Fest postponed its ninth annual festival back in March 2020 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today,
the festival announced its big comeback with Treefort 9 set for September 22-26, 2021 in multiple venues throughout
downtown Boise. Treefort is typically held in March and the festival plans to return to its spring schedule. The five-day
emerging arts fest plans to hold the 10th edition of Treefort Music Fest on March 23-27, 2022 — just six months after
Treefort 9 in September 2021.

Fans of Treefort Music Fest can expect a few changes at the 2021 festival, though many Treefort favorites will
remain. Treefort will announce a resurrected Treefort 9 lineup later this month. The forts of the fest will also return,
though many will look and operate a little differently this year than in the past.

Health & Safety
Safety is always a top priority for Treefort Music Fest. Treefort is continuing to work closely with local and state health
officials to determine health and safety measures for the upcoming festival. The festival is making plans A, B, D, C,
and even F for a safe community-run festival in September. Treefort will make announcements in the coming months
regarding what to expect at Treefort 9.

Festival Passes
In order to abide by possible capacity limitations, a limited number of five-day passes will be available for Treefort 9.
General admission, ZIPLINE, and U21 tickets will go on sale with the lineup announcement later this month. Kids age
12 and under are free, accompanied by an adult passholder. At this time, there will be no single-day, single-venue, or
single-show tickets available for Treefort 9. Treefort ticket information can be found at
Owners-Only Passes
More than 900 fans are now part-owners of Treefort Music Fest. Last summer, Treefort launched a crowdfunding
campaign via WeFunder to help the fest survive the months of uncertainty ahead. More than 900 fans contributed
nearly $350,000, which went directly to making the festival happen this year. Treefort Music Fest is forever grateful for
the support and proud to be the first fan-owned and operated music festival. One perk of becoming a Community
Owner is early access to festival passes, which are on sale now.

Below is the Treefort Timeline*, in light of COVID-19 things are subject to change:

April 8, 2021: Treefort 9 Community Owner early access on sale (formerly known as Early Bird)
April 22, 2021: Treefort 9 band lineup resurrection and GA tickets on-sale (limited number of GA tickets at $250,
ZIPLINE at $420 and U21 at $150)
Mid-June 2021: Treefort 9 fort lineup resurrection + more band additions
Late-June 2021: Additional tickets to Treefort 9 *may* become available, as things shake out
July 2021: Treefort 9 schedule released
September 22-26, 2021: Treefort 9 (finally!)
October 1, 2021: Treefort 10 Community Owner early access on sale (formerly known as Early Bird)
October 15, 2021: Treefort 10 GA Discovery tickets on sale
November 2021: Treefort 10 first artist announcement, GA tickets on sale
December 2021: Treefort 10 second artist announcement
January 2022: Treefort 10 final lineup revealed
February 2022: Treefort 10 schedule released
March 23-27, 2022: Treefort 10 (it’s gonna be a doozy!)

*timeline is subject to change
Stay in the loop at