We were so thankful Caamp made time to stop by for a session, especially when they are playing a sold-out show tonight. It shows how dedicated they are to the cause, working hard to promote their music.

The session didn’t start without incident, as the Po-Po showed up when their tour bus was parked on Fairview for too long! Tim was lucky to have dinner with the band last night, on their day off. The band was real chill and likely a bit tired, singer Taylor Meier’s voice sounded beautiful.

The band talked about their love for touring in certain cities, including SLC. They spoke of a venue called Shelby Events Center. They said the building is made of steel and sounds horrible, but they have great memories from there.

We all enjoyed a great lunch from Port ‘O Subs. Caamp says they love touring with friends, bands like Houndmouth, and Heartless Bastards. HB just played 2 shows at Neurolux last weekend, they were SO good. Tried to get them in on Friday, but they were coming from Spokane and didn’t have time to get here.

The band is keeping so busy, and they look forward to some rest after the Europe tour. They said, ” If we get through that as a band, you’ll be seeing more of us.” They’re writing some great music, we hope that is true and that they can return soon!

Coming up tomorrow, Alive After 5 with Wavves and French Tips, 5-8pm FREE on the Grove Plaza. We’ll have some games and free tickets, including a chance to see Jackie Venson at Thursday’s Great Garden Escape!

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