Since 2008, I’ve had a YouTube channel. The ROXXBOISE channel has over 1200 music videos, some karaoke, and short films. Last weekend, I got hacked.


While not completely sure how it was hacked, it was either a copyright email that was sent to me that I opened because it threatened a strike on my page, or a hijacked open session, as I was uploading at the time.

The first thing I noticed, was my email program alerted me it couldn’t login. I checked my backup email, and there were notices that my password had changed on YouTube, even though I had 2-factor authentication and had not authorized it.


I followed all instruction for recovery, but the hackers had changed my recovery email and phone number. They made the recovery email the one I had no access to, changed phone number, and changed recovery to a Google key. This Titan security key I hadn’t heard of, was what the hackers were using to access my account. I’d try to login, be sent to help pages that told me to login to recover my email. It made no sense.

Google used to have 24/7 chat support, but they don’t anymore. I tried to call a number, and am sure it was associated with another hacker promising to get me into my account.

In a panic, I reached out to Facebook. Luckily I have a friend who was able to write customer support through her account on my behalf. In the help section, she found a form that promised they would call back right away. I spoke with them and got a case ID.


If you have another gMail/YouTube account, try to contact help. I’ve found that some things work on mobile, some things only on PC. Try them both. Try different browsers. After watching several YouTube videos from people who had also been hacked with this same Tesla Crypto video, I learned this…YouTube customer service weirdly has to be initiated through TWITTER, @teamyoutube is the username. Since Twitter is a dumpster fire at the moment, I was really nervous that this is how I had to get started.After a couple of days of messaging them through Twitter, I was finally connected to a real email from YouTube, and a case number. They wanted my contact email to be another gMail address, so first thing you want to do is create a backup account if you don’t have one.

What happened next is hours and days of communication. It would take between 1 and 10 hours to hear back from support, as I’m sure they were swamped with others needing help over this holiday weekend. I learned that this Tesla [LIVE] crypto scam has been around a couple of years, they even hacked an MMA account with 5 million subscribers. My channel had 3.4 million views, but I let the copyright owners monetize their content. All I can guess, is maybe the hackers thought I had Google Pay attached to the account, which I do not.

Google emphasized to call my bank, and call the police.

Your emails with YouTube support must be extremely thorough. At one point my backup account was mistakenly shut down as well due to some confusion on the Channel ID. If you’re a YouTube Creator, do yourself a favor and do these things right now. Take a screenshot of when your channel was created, and get the link for your CHANNEL ID. They did not want to go forward without it, and I just had my channel name. Eventually I had to find the channel ID in my browser history. It starts with http://www.youtube.com/channel/thenabunchofnumbersandletters. I had no channel screenshot, so I did a Google search of my URL. The hacker’s videos came up, as well as some of my music videos.

5 days after the hacking and some lost sleep, my accounts were both restored. Countless emails were exchanged, I was extremely kind and thankful in each reply. I do wish it had taken the hackers as long to break into it as it took for me to recover it, but the support was really great and no videos were lost. After the recovery I send another thank you email, as I’m sure it’s likely most people don’t look back at that point.


What DID happen, is all videos were made private. I had to change the channel name, photo, banner, and most important, the sneaky Tesla watermark they’d uploaded to appear at the end of each of my videos. After a few hours, the channel is mostly cleaned up. Private videos were made public, all 1200 of them, 50 at a time. The hackers could have deleted them instead of making them private, for that I’m very thankful. The “Home” part of my page says I have no content right now, but the “Videos” page shows all of them.

Friends have reached out with dozens of hacking stories involving emails, banks, credit unions, PayPal. It’s a really different world we live in, so use that 2FA authentication, horrible long garbled passwords, change them often, and good luck!




We were so grateful to be able to get some Lucius time, as their Boise show took place the same day they had learned about several Grammy Nominations the same day!  Lucius has been touring this year in support of their new excellent album Second Nature … their first album in 6 years!

Lucius has done much touring with Roger Waters in the past, and this year with Brandi Carlile. They talked about the magic of “Joni Jams,” and how Paul McCartney opened the back door for them at one event!

We met them in the El Korah green room after the sound check party for an interview, you’ll find that soon at our “10 Minutes With Tim” podcasts link at riverboise.com. Their pink room had some great old wallpaper, furniture, and Egyptian decor.

There was makeup all along the large mirror. I caught a glimpse of their open wardrobe case, it was shiny and full of bling!

After the sound check, they opened up a Q&A forum to all winners and VIP guests. They talked about many of their favorite movies and TV shows, and admitted to binging Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and admitted to crying to it. One of the winners joked, “She told us you were coming!” They love Married at First Sight, and are obsessed with Cult Documentaries like : Holy Hell, Eat Sweet, Pray & Obey, The Jinx, The Vow, The Staircase. They watch Handmaid’s Tale, but like many of us, have to take breaks as it’s hard to watch.

Abraham Alexander opened the show and did a great set. He did a wonderful cover of “Wicked Game.” The Lucius concert was magical. The sound was great, and not too loud. At one point Lucius had everyone sit on the floor in a circle, and they performed in the middle off stage. At one point you could hear a pin drop. Lucius has never played Treefort, but they’ve heard a lot about it.

If you’re going to any Brandi Carlile shows at The Gorge next June, Lucius will be performing with her again there!

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We were so thankful Caamp made time to stop by for a session, especially when they are playing a sold-out show tonight. It shows how dedicated they are to the cause, working hard to promote their music.

The session didn’t start without incident, as the Po-Po showed up when their tour bus was parked on Fairview for too long! Tim was lucky to have dinner with the band last night, on their day off. The band was real chill and likely a bit tired, singer Taylor Meier’s voice sounded beautiful.

The band talked about their love for touring in certain cities, including SLC. They spoke of a venue called Shelby Events Center. They said the building is made of steel and sounds horrible, but they have great memories from there.

We all enjoyed a great lunch from Port ‘O Subs. Caamp says they love touring with friends, bands like Houndmouth, and Heartless Bastards. HB just played 2 shows at Neurolux last weekend, they were SO good. Tried to get them in on Friday, but they were coming from Spokane and didn’t have time to get here.

The band is keeping so busy, and they look forward to some rest after the Europe tour. They said, ” If we get through that as a band, you’ll be seeing more of us.” They’re writing some great music, we hope that is true and that they can return soon!

Coming up tomorrow, Alive After 5 with Wavves and French Tips, 5-8pm FREE on the Grove Plaza. We’ll have some games and free tickets, including a chance to see Jackie Venson at Thursday’s Great Garden Escape!

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We had a session today from a songwriter passing through town, with no other shows than from within our Blue Moon Listener Lounge!

Sara Kays mentioned how her first song she learned was “Firework,” from Katy Perry.

Here’s a great song, it’s brand new and will be out next month.

She makes her home in Nashville, which Sara says is very convenient as her producer lives there as well.

Sara has moved to headlining tours now, and says that sleeping in the bus is hard because of all the bumps. Her bandmate joked that they grab Taco Bell wherever they can find it. We really hope they come back soon for a full Boise show.

Our next live session in the Blue Moon Listener Lounge, will be LO MOON. Catch our session next Thursday 6/23 at 2 pm, and their show later that night at Neurolux!

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QUEEN by Neal Preston and Behind the Scenes

Who is the one band you wish you wish the most you had been able to see in concert? For me, it’s Queen. I grew up with a poster of Freddie’s striped costume above, and all the vinyl I could get my hands on, singing into open albums to hear myself better. Queen taught me harmonies, and a love for intellectual lyrics and musicality.

At The NAMM Show, there were surprises at every corner. I had been following news on this Queen book for quite some time. Every time I’d see press about it in my work emails, I’d get so curious about the book. When I found out that photographer Neal Preston was going to be at the Behind the Scenes booth signing copies, I knew I had to meet him. I wrote an email in hopes he was actually checking them during the convention. He actually replied and told me where and when to find him.

Neal Preston photo by Rochelle Smith

Neal Preston is someone you know. You know his photos, posters, album covers, magazines, documentaries, and more. This legend has spent 4 decades doing concert photography, best known as the Led Zeppelin U.S. Tour photographer. He has also worked with Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Heart, Duran Duran, Live Aid, and Queen in Mexico and South America.

This book is a grand masterpiece, and I’m sure Freddie would approve. It’s a quality coffee table sized book, with many personal and tour photos of the band. As their tour photographer, Neal captured many sides of each member of the band. He also includes stories and conversations he’s had with members of the band. If you or anyone you know is a huge Queen fan, this book is a must-have. I’ve shown it to a few friends who flip through it and say, “wow, this is awesome.” I am going to savor each page of this book, and take it all in. I was on the air at a local rock station the night Freddie Mercury passed away, and announced it live, with a lump in my throat. The phone just kept ringing, as people hoped the news wasn’t true. It took me years to even be able to finish a Queen DVD or documentary without getting too emotional. This band had helped me out of some dark times growing up, where I could seclude myself and enter these colorful musical worlds they had created.

More photos of your favorite singers can be found in the book above.

The booth was very busy at NAMM, as everyone wanted Neal’s autograph. As he signed my copy, I asked if there was one specific memory of Queen that stood out to him. He just said, “It’s all in the book.”

The Behind the Scenes group is an amazing resource of suicide prevention information. Some of the proceeds this day were going to this amazing organization.

Specifically for Entertainment Technology Professionals, Basic Needs, Counseling, and Funeral Assistance grants are available through this website. Behind the Scenes resources are impressive. Counseling includes clinical, psychological, social work, and substance abuse help.

Purchase the Neal Preston Queen book HERE, and know you’re helping this worthy cause of suicide prevention.

Donate HERE!

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NAMM 2022

Imagine having Treefort inside and out, and adding a huge convention convention center filled with around a thousand booths of instruments on 3 different floors, software, stage lighting, DJ equipment, workshops, and performers. Last time it was 4 floors, but there still wasn’t enough time to see everything there. Imagine different sounds every 10 feet, where you can play your favorite guitar, drums, keyboards, ukuleles, and new inventions you haven’t even seen yet. This is NAMM.

A broadcaster’s grant helped me make this journey possible, and I’m very thankful to the Publicists who gave me media credentials for press coverage. It’s been a rough year with health stuff, and I really needed this bit of doing my favorite thing.

Fog Bubbles

I know it’s silly, but I love this fog bubble machine. I saw it during the 2020 NAMM Show, and fell in love. I’d love to see a club here get one of these. Kids love this machine.

I hit the ground running with a Women of NAMM after-party at a hotel. It was a great networking event, we were given a free beverage and fancy appetizers, while hearing music and speakers. Hotel Row is filled with many extra performances and events during the convention. NAMM is full of crazy cool tech. The workshops and seminars are really informative. I attended events like Sound Advice From Women Visionaries, hands-on immersive audio, and a double session on how to make effective videos for Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This one was so interesting, breaking down what elements are needed at what time to keep your audience, and the importance of the first 3 seconds.


These were creepy and cool, full human-sized robots. No one else was with them, and there was a strange quietness compared to the surrounding cacophony all around.

I was inside a hotel, when I heard a sound that drew me outside. I was lucky to catch part of a sound check with Preservation Hall Jazz Band, from New Orleans. There is every style of music you can imagine, performing somewhere at NAMM.

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Electronic, organic, and everything in between can be heard in the convention center. This guys doesn’t work in the booth, but makes this suitcase drum sound amazing.

Suitcase Drum

Some of my favorite things over the weekend, included meeting Neil Preston, author of this delightful Queen coffee table photo book. I will be reviewing this very soon, with much more information including the suicide prevention non-profit he is associated with.

Saturday night I attended the NAMM TEC Awards. This is nerdness to the nth degree .It honors brand new tech, some of it isn’t even in stores yet. Last NAMM I saw Joni Mitchell at this award show. I wrote a separate blog about this, products, software, mics and preamps that are the BEST of the best. Let your nerd/freak flag fly by reading the blog HERE.

My absolute favorite event was the industry drum circle. The founders of REMO drums were an incognito part of the 300+ people circled around between hotels. I grabbed a seat and small djembe, and found myself playing for an hour until I had to run to get my TEC Award credentials. I’ve done drum jams and circles for years, but never one this large. I can’t describe to you the power of this event. All instruments were provided. Everyone of any age or background was encouraged to play, reminded to breathe. We made up rhythms that would change in speed and intensity as the group felt it together. It was impossible to think about anything but drumming, and the people smiling all around you.

If you write, play, produce, film, DJ, dance, or even just listen to music, you will absolutely love The NAMM Show. Plan ahead for next year’s show, April 13-15 2023. Your entire family will love this, plus it’s near Disneyland. I really hope to be there next year, and so should you!

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First things first, countless times I’ve heard people tell their friends about this artist. They say, “You’ve gotta check out this AILEN Jewell.” Or heard during Treefort, “EILEEN Jewell has a great new album!” She would likely never correct you herself, but just so we’re all on the same page, it’s pronounced “EE-len.” Rhymes with “how ya feelin’?”

Eilen kindly accepted an invitation for an interview and session during our noon hour. You’ll want to catch the show this Sunday Night, Charlie Sutton is the opening act for this show at The Olympic Venue on Main Street. This is the bar just above Mulligan’s.

We had a great visit, and she did a couple of songs for us. This is “Rich Man’s World.”

Boise is spoiled to have artists like Eilen play in town, between spots on the world tour they are planning. She’s playing Portland and Seattle this weekend before returning for the Boise show.

During our chat, Eilen said she really likes Ray LaMontagne for modern music, and Lana Del Rey. She says friends tease her for being late to the party. I asked her if there was a location in her history of touring that pleasantly surprised her. She said it was Sweden, because it is beautiful and spread out like Idaho.

Here’s one of the songs from her latest album, “Gypsy.”

If you need a comfort song, close your eyes and listen to this. I asked for a holiday song we could share next month. We will have enough now that we can do an “Eilen Christmas” Lunch in the Library! This is a beautiful classic song covered by many, including Roy Orbison. It was written by Willie Nelson.

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The Hu session remixes and film updates

Sometimes I forget that I get to do cool things. If I had to pick some of the coolest things from 2021, this is top 5. I mix all the sessions for 2 of our stations 94.9 The River and 100.3 The X. The X hadn’t had a session in 2 years because of Covid. I was so excited to hear that we were getting a session with the Mongolian Throat singers, “The Hu!”

I want you to know how magical it is to do remixes. With a session like this, I mix it live and then I go home and remix by isolating the tracks and putting certain EQ and effects on each channel and making them stereo, and then sync them to video. Hearing individual channels brings out all of the harmonics and crazy throat singing this band is doing, the full session doesn’t really do it justice. Many sounds are coming from each vocalist, it is very goosebump-worthy. On this next song about one minute in, they make their cellos sound like horses!

The Hu made my year, what a great session. They used a translator for the interview, and were all very kind. The instruments were all pieces of art, the cellos had horses heads on them and it was all unlike anything we’d ever seen. The mouth harp player sometimes played flute with his teeth more than his mouth. I could have listened to them all day.


There’s a yearly film competition for My Rode Reel. I will forever swear by Rode microphones for anything to do with film. Many of their mics have a 10 year warranty. Anyway, they do a yearly 3 minute short film fest. My entry this year is based on my last 2 interviews at work. This time I excluded my questions, which were fairly controversial. This film only shows the answers. It’s called “What Was the Question?” Feel free to vote if you want to. Features the amazing Mary Lambert who was here for Boise Pride, and also Orchestra Gold from Mali, Africa, who played at Treefort Music Fest. At the end of the Orchestra Gold question, I needed time to try not to cry. Both of these interviews were on the weekend with no staff or audience, so I felt a little more safe to ask non-traditional questions. One of my favorite things is to ask musicians about non-musical things.

My Rode Reel - "What Was the Question?" (Rochelle Smith)

Please watch and vote HERE!

“Violin Scratches” is in yet another film fest after 2 years on the film circuit. It will be at India’s “We Care” disability film festival. I am so excited to see this film there, as Gaelynn Lea continues to rock the world AND BROADWAY and is currently making music for MacBeth! Nothing from this amazing woman surprises me anymore! I was so lucky to interview her at Treefort and make this film.


Locally, I’m really honored to be a part of Colossal Film Fest in Boise November 7th.

Colossal Logo_cutout.png

I LOVE this local film fest! They have been so supportive to include me in their local all-star cast of filmmakers. My stuff is usually pretty low-budget, and this movie “Firedance,” was literally recorded mostly inside of my VW van when people were most afraid of Covid. I love poi and fire poi. The biggest thing I got our of this evening was that I had watched a breathtaking fire performance from one of the artists. I asked if I could list her name. What I had just watched was amazing. She said, “probably not, because my parents had expected so much more from me.” Yet, what I’d seen was unbelievable. Please buy tickets to Colossal Cinematic Showcase HERE. It’s really fun and supportive of local short film folk. You can get a red carpet photo, grab some popcorn, then meet at Mad Swede for beers!

The featured filmmakers of the November 7, 2021 Colossal Cinematic Showcase are:

Steven Zunich- “Unter”

Rochelle Smith- “Firedance”

Heather Horner- “Affective”

Elizabeth Findley- “The Task of Reconstruction”

Hutt Wigley- “Max Helm: Curse of the Relic”

Timothy David Orme- “Grip”

Cary Judd-  “Give Me”

Tom Sanford- “Going Back”

Brandon Freeman and Christina Lane Hawkins- “El Matamoscas”

Andrew Ellis- “Mentor the Drone”

Nichole Stull and Brian Morgan- “Girl From the South”

Jordan Gore-“Lethal Jack”

Eilen Jewell

It had been well over a year since our last session. We all laughed as we were beginners again at everything. What side of the TV does the USB plug into? Did someone ask Eric for a graphic? Where's Tim's music stand? There were 2 times that I pretty much closed my eyes and pushed a button on the mixer to get where I needed to go. We could go live on Facebook, but with no audio. We were all very rusty, but couldn't ask for a better person to start our year of sessions.

Our winners were so excited to get together and have amazing lunch from Piehole Pizza! They gave us a great vegan pizza and 3 others, I was so excited to see my favorite potato bacon.

As we got ready to go live, Eilen mentioned that it was "great to live life again."

During Covid, Eilen said she did a little writing, but no full songs yet. She is just happy to have a healthy family. Before the session, she mentioned being nervous as daughter Mavis is off to her first summer camp!

Eilen spoke of the loss of a great Idaho songwriter, Pinto Bennett. I used to watch him play when Lock, Stock, and Barrel was on Emerald. Eilen and Jason had produced Pinto's last album, "The Last Saturday Night." When asked about the loss of Pinto, Eilen said, "The world just got a little less interesting."

When the session was done, listeners mingled ate pizza, shared hugs and stuck around. Our friend Carrie noted that people never stuck around as they have to get back to work. Eilen said, "There was a time when I thought this would never happen." We couldn't agree more, and no one knows if we're past this or just between quarantines. We hope you can hear some great outdoor music this summer, including weekend shows with Eilen at Kin.

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Pink Feather Film debuts

A couple of months ago we did a thing. Several friends old and new, gathered to help my screenplay come to life!

Most of my films have been documentaries with few people involved. As time goes on, I’m trying to grow my film game. Pink Feather involved new equipment, lights, and nearly 16 people in actors and crew. We are all learning as we go. I was blessed with professional video and editing techs, a friend to do sound so I could direct, even people helping with makeup. A few friends and I spent hours adding the finishing touches of local music.

In the last week, Pink Feather has been shown to over 200 people, at some huge fundraising events. It was great to have most of the cast see their hard work, and especially to see the crowd reactions and see what parts they thought were funny.

It was such an honor to have the support of Idaho Film Commission in sponsoring part of our sound costs. It was, however, a small portion of budget on this important film. I’m really hoping to get this message out into the world by entering several film festivals. Those costs can be $20-$90 per festival, with no guarantee of acceptance.

I’m working on a couple of other possible Boise showings. People have asked how they can help. Covid shutdowns cut about 1/3 of my income, then I had to go and break my shoulder. There are many creative ideas in my head, but I need some things to make them all happen.

If you feel like donating to my film projects, my Venmo information is below. Funds will be used for film festival submissions, education, and small equipment purchases. These are all passion projects, and please know that your donations are incredibly appreciated! Thank you so much to those who have already supported my dreams.

LP Interview

I’m going to start backing up a few work blogs on this site. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with our friend and amazing talent, LP.

If you’re not familiar with LP, look into this brilliant person’s success. LP has written songs for Cher, Rhianna, Backstreet Boys, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, and many other’s. If you get to see a live LP concert, you will witness a charisma like you’ve never seen. With global fans, LP sells out shows worldwide. At Bumbershoot, I watched fans throw ukuleles onto the stage.

We have been lucky to have LP in our Blue Moon Listener Lounge in the past. With a voice like a songbird, LP quickly had us all captivated.

It was so nice to catch up again with this Zoom interview. Within this, you’ll hear a brand new track.  You will get to meet  Orson, the dog, and you’ll hear discussions on gender identity, and the upcoming new album.  I love the realness of LP. Sometimes the discussion is flirty, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always genuine. Note to folks viewing at work, this is UNCENSORED and full of colorful swears. Hope you enjoy it! ~ Rochelle

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