It’s been an interesting year so far. Good things include attending the NAMM show again, and having a film showing at Colossal Cinematic Showcase. The Idaho Film Collection supported my latest short film, “All We Didn’t Do,” about the pioneer life of Mary Hallock Foote and Arthur Foote in Boise. It will be archived in the BSU Albertsons LIbrary. IFC was very supportive in also helping with the Pink Feather movie many friends and I did a couple of years ago just when Covid had started.

The not-so-good, is a bittersweet thing that happened very recently. Friend and videographer Theresa Palmgren, who worked at KTVB Channel 7 and filmed my Pink Feather and 13 Stories films for me, passed away suddenly at work.

She had also helped film a surprise video with Mary Lambert, who was in town briefly for our Pride Festival. In addition to the music, she made mocktails and talked politics. This was such a fun day with Theresa and my friend Jenn Snyder.

Theresa’s passing shook the entire community. She was young, creative, and one of the most positive and helpful people I’d ever met. When I broke my shoulder and had other health stuff, she checked in on me. The day she passed, dozens of people met up and mourned at a local watering hole where we had recorded a couple of our movies. People sobbed, and told so many stories of her support.

I’ve kept myself busy, but think of Theresa every day. When I go to work, I think of how she’s no longer in the building next to our stations. We used to meet between buildings to share USB drives. I had thought we would work together on so many more film projects down the road. Whenever we lose someone, it’s kind of a jolt to look at our lives and see if we’re on a good path. With this, and my own health scare, I feel like I’m scrambling to get as many things done as I can. I hope I can leave something on this earth that lasts much past my time here.

My Youtube channel roxxboise hopes to be the closest thing to a legacy I can provide. It is years of work, hundreds of videos and remixes of bands. There are a few films on the channel, and some product reviews. My channel was hacked last year. I nearly lost it, and nearly lost my mind getting it back.

This first half of the year has been tough. I was spending $40 each week in gas all winter to learn that the last mechanic who did my tune-up plugged 2 of my spark plug wires in wrong. I spent hours trying to figure out why it ran so poorly, and this didn’t cross my mind. 6 months, $$$$ and 4 mechanics later, I found the right guy to figure it out.

2 of my coworkers I’d worked with for 12-20 years were put into surprise early retirement by corporate. It really rattled me. They are people I care about, and I can’t help but wonder what I’d do if it happened to me.

Also, the health checkups and clinical trial I’m in that I thought were free for 3 years…are much the opposite of that. I was surprised to see a bill of $4000 I hadn’t expected.

Not wanting to be the GoFundMe poster girl, this is going to be the summer of side hustles. I’m grabbing every remote broadcast they’ll let me do.

Back to some good stuff, I really miss playing music. I’d play several times a month if I could, but some of the groups I used to play with are doing different things, playing less, or playing with different people.

There will be an occasional show with SIS, the Sisters in Songwriting Group. They have an all-ages/all-gender music jam this Thursday 5/18 at Lounge at the End of the Universe, 5-7 pm.

This summer I hope to join Brook Faulk & The Family Corvidae. We’ll play 5/31 at Highlands Hollow Brew Pub on Bogus Basin starting at 7 pm. I haven’t been there in so long, and haven’t played there. It should be a fun time. Brook is a great songwriter, Emily Tipton is a part of this project, and I can’t wait to meet with the drummer and bassist.

I’m really excited to have a show, because playing music helps me forget about all the worries above, and more.

Lately I’ve gotten lost in this new guitar pedal, thanks to the NAMM Show and a sponsorship from the amazing folks at Donner Music.

Please check out my “She Likes to Go Slow” podcast, where I review this pedal and play all kinds of guitar samples. If you play guitar, this pedal will help you get out of your head for hours. Get the ARENA 2000 HERE, and while you can get the Amazon coupon.

With a built-in looper that supports up to 60 seconds of looper and 40 different drum rhythms, Arena2000 can quickly record demos or perform live as a one-man band. In order to allow you to freely create in the middle of the night, it also enables headphone output. Additionally, you can rapidly capture your inspiration using OTG and your phone.

60 Seconds of Looper

40 Drum rhythms


The Hu session remixes and film updates

Sometimes I forget that I get to do cool things. If I had to pick some of the coolest things from 2021, this is top 5. I mix all the sessions for 2 of our stations 94.9 The River and 100.3 The X. The X hadn’t had a session in 2 years because of Covid. I was so excited to hear that we were getting a session with the Mongolian Throat singers, “The Hu!”

I want you to know how magical it is to do remixes. With a session like this, I mix it live and then I go home and remix by isolating the tracks and putting certain EQ and effects on each channel and making them stereo, and then sync them to video. Hearing individual channels brings out all of the harmonics and crazy throat singing this band is doing, the full session doesn’t really do it justice. Many sounds are coming from each vocalist, it is very goosebump-worthy. On this next song about one minute in, they make their cellos sound like horses!

The Hu made my year, what a great session. They used a translator for the interview, and were all very kind. The instruments were all pieces of art, the cellos had horses heads on them and it was all unlike anything we’d ever seen. The mouth harp player sometimes played flute with his teeth more than his mouth. I could have listened to them all day.


There’s a yearly film competition for My Rode Reel. I will forever swear by Rode microphones for anything to do with film. Many of their mics have a 10 year warranty. Anyway, they do a yearly 3 minute short film fest. My entry this year is based on my last 2 interviews at work. This time I excluded my questions, which were fairly controversial. This film only shows the answers. It’s called “What Was the Question?” Feel free to vote if you want to. Features the amazing Mary Lambert who was here for Boise Pride, and also Orchestra Gold from Mali, Africa, who played at Treefort Music Fest. At the end of the Orchestra Gold question, I needed time to try not to cry. Both of these interviews were on the weekend with no staff or audience, so I felt a little more safe to ask non-traditional questions. One of my favorite things is to ask musicians about non-musical things.

My Rode Reel - "What Was the Question?" (Rochelle Smith)

Please watch and vote HERE!

“Violin Scratches” is in yet another film fest after 2 years on the film circuit. It will be at India’s “We Care” disability film festival. I am so excited to see this film there, as Gaelynn Lea continues to rock the world AND BROADWAY and is currently making music for MacBeth! Nothing from this amazing woman surprises me anymore! I was so lucky to interview her at Treefort and make this film.


Locally, I’m really honored to be a part of Colossal Film Fest in Boise November 7th.

Colossal Logo_cutout.png

I LOVE this local film fest! They have been so supportive to include me in their local all-star cast of filmmakers. My stuff is usually pretty low-budget, and this movie “Firedance,” was literally recorded mostly inside of my VW van when people were most afraid of Covid. I love poi and fire poi. The biggest thing I got our of this evening was that I had watched a breathtaking fire performance from one of the artists. I asked if I could list her name. What I had just watched was amazing. She said, “probably not, because my parents had expected so much more from me.” Yet, what I’d seen was unbelievable. Please buy tickets to Colossal Cinematic Showcase HERE. It’s really fun and supportive of local short film folk. You can get a red carpet photo, grab some popcorn, then meet at Mad Swede for beers!

The featured filmmakers of the November 7, 2021 Colossal Cinematic Showcase are:

Steven Zunich- “Unter”

Rochelle Smith- “Firedance”

Heather Horner- “Affective”

Elizabeth Findley- “The Task of Reconstruction”

Hutt Wigley- “Max Helm: Curse of the Relic”

Timothy David Orme- “Grip”

Cary Judd-  “Give Me”

Tom Sanford- “Going Back”

Brandon Freeman and Christina Lane Hawkins- “El Matamoscas”

Andrew Ellis- “Mentor the Drone”

Nichole Stull and Brian Morgan- “Girl From the South”

Jordan Gore-“Lethal Jack”