Stacey Guill “The Stone House in the Cañon” The story of Mary Hallock Foote

Just minutes from Boise, Idaho, a short drive can take you back over 100 years in history. Listen to author Stacey Guill talk about the life of Mary Hallock Foote. As Mary’s husband Arthur struggled to engineer waterways around the city, Mary did illustrations for Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorn, and some publications that brought our pioneer western life into the awareness of people living in the east.

Author Wallace Stegner wrote a book on Mary’s life that is more fiction than fact. She didn’t get much credit for it, and he won a Pulitzer Prize.

A play called “Fair Use” was written and performed about them both. Our friends at Radio Boise have a chance for you to hear a performance at this site.

Stacey Guill has done over 20 years of research on Mary Hallock Foote, and is full of knowledge about Foote Park. You’ll want to get her book, “Stone House in the Cañon.” She designed one of the information plaques at the park, and continues to learn more about this family, and their story.

Let your mind journey into Mary’s life and story, and let yourself experience the journey by taking the drive across Lucky Peak dam, turn right, and find the park at the end of the road by the river.

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