We had a session today from a songwriter passing through town, with no other shows than from within our Blue Moon Listener Lounge!

Sara Kays mentioned how her first song she learned was “Firework,” from Katy Perry.

Here’s a great song, it’s brand new and will be out next month.

She makes her home in Nashville, which Sara says is very convenient as her producer lives there as well.

Sara has moved to headlining tours now, and says that sleeping in the bus is hard because of all the bumps. Her bandmate joked that they grab Taco Bell wherever they can find it. We really hope they come back soon for a full Boise show.

Our next live session in the Blue Moon Listener Lounge, will be LO MOON. Catch our session next Thursday 6/23 at 2 pm, and their show later that night at Neurolux!

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